logotipo Ritmo Mornings, marca de moda sostenible que trabaja con el plástico recogido del océano para la producción responsable de las prendas

Be inspired by the rhythm of the planet

Hawaiian shirts made from plastic waste from the ocean. Do you dare to try them on?

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Welcome to Ritmo Mornings!

Would you like to dress with style and rhythm while solving this problem?

Make an impact on the planet with your choices. If you are concerned about the excess of plastic, the throwaway model, overconsumption and the lack of awareness of nature, Ritmo Mornings is your project.

To make it a reality we need you to believe in the project and become one of our first investors. A sustainable action and communication venture.

1- What are the benefits?

Ser sostenibles depende de qué consumimos y cómo consumimos. Menos es más. La sostenibilidad es el el equilibrio entre crecimiento económico y el cuidado del medio ambiente.
botellas de plástico postconsumo para convertirlo en poliéster reciclado y reutilizar los residuos
las camisas hawaianas con más ritmo del planeta. Camisas ecológicas.

2- What do you receive as a sponsor for contributing?

As a backer you can contribute to the project on Kickstarter and have the opportunity to help make Ritmo Mornings a reality.

The following rewards show the variety of options you have to purchase your Hawaiian shirt. All rewards have a special discount. The idea is to reward your contribution and the trust you place in the project.

rewards from Kickstarter, Ritmo Mornings

3- We give you priority access to buy your recycled Hawaiian shirt at the best price.


The end result: the CHILIS, the sustainable story.

Rhythm and planetary consciousness in a special, authentic shirt.  

Chili 1 – The reality of the ocean.

Chili 2 – The re-use of waste.

Chili 3 – The revolution of nature.

Marine fabric transformation process  

More resistance and durability, exclusive garment made of recycled polyester, 100% plastic recovered from the sea.

calendario de ritmo mornings

Pre-purchase and become part of the Ritmo Mornings community.

Become a backer of the Kickstarter campaign and get the exclusive product.

moda sostenible y camisas hawaianas ecológicas: campaña de crowdfunding

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