A summer without rhythm is no summer: The most rhythmic Hawaiian Shirt on the planet

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Be part of the start of a sustainable, critical and rebellious brand!

moda sostenible y camisas hawaianas ecológicas: campaña de crowdfunding

The Chilis – Designs with sustainable history

Hawaiian Shirt Prints  

We are ready to raise awareness and communicate the reality we live in.

The Reality: Respect The Locals!

camisas hawaianas hechas de poliéster reciclado, tejido resistente y estampados sostenibles
La tortuga del chili 1 habitando entre anillas de plástico, un residuo que le impide vivir de forma normal. Uno de nuestros diseño de las camisas hawaianas.

The action: Reuse

Nature’s revolution

Camisa de manga corta para llevar con estilo, ropa ecológica consciente

What is Ritmo Mornings?

La originalidad de las camisas hawaianas de Ritmo Mornings es el diseño único y consciente de sus estampados

The Ritmo Mornings project consists of the creation of a sustainable fashion brand specialising in Hawaiian shirts – made from pet fabric, i.e. post-consumer plastic bottles – and prints with a critical message.

We share the Slow Fashion philosophy and work on a new alternative system to the current system of fashion production and consumption: sustainable and transformative. Through the storytelling of Ritmo Mornings we communicate a critical message with the aim of raising awareness and changing the course of the planet.

Ritmo Mornings is a critical, adventurous and above all human brand. We offer sustainable fashion with real impact, responsible manufacturing and a new and transgressive line of designs. We enter into the fashion of prints with a critical and revolutionary line.

The impact of your decisions

Marine fabric production process

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