The truth is that we are crazy about Hawaiian shirts, their prints and colors. The day you wear a Hawaiian you know it’s a special day 😉  We’re not going to fool ourselves. Summer, perfect weather, outdoor sports, travels, friends, etc. And always well accompanied by our favorite Hawaiian shirt. 

Although we love the Hawaiian shirt outfit, the purpose of Ritmo Mornings goes beyond wearing an exclusive garment.

RITMO MORNINGS has the PURPOSE of giving life to shirts with action and sustainable communication. Through the manufacturing material, the reduction of waste in the ocean and the daring, critical and conscious storytelling. 

We make an impact by using plastic that has already been consumed as the main material to manufacture Hawaiian shirts. This type of fabric is called PET recycled polyester. A more resistant fabric. In addition, the buttons are made of coconut and the packaging of the product are biodegradable cassava bags.


Constantly learning, with an awake and concerned lifestyle. Restless and energetic. We believe that through communication and action we can raise awareness in society and lead the way towards sustainable consumption habits.

A Message. Global. With Rhythm.

We introduce a sustainable story that criticizes bad habits against the environment and gives sustainable solutions. The designs called the CHILIS 🌶️ (1, 2, 3) allow us to project a different and conscious positioning.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like upside down?

With Ritmo Mornings sure 🌎

Bolsa de yuka packaging de las camisas de ritmo mornings


If you make it this far it means that Ritmo is not lacking in you. 🙌 ⚡

Changing the planetary consciousness in people’s lives is a huge challenge.

And yes, we want to achieve it WITH YOU. 

We invite you to be part of it, proposing, collaborating, ask us anything you want, suggestions and more.

A social enterprise to learn, grow and have fun.

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