The Hawaiian shirts that come from the bottom of the ocean

Meet the Chilis collection.

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Chilis Collection 🌶

Respect the locals!

Chili 1 represents the current situation we live in: waste in the ocean, excess plastic production and the trend of throwaway consumption.

It is the first design of Ritmo Mornings and from where our purpose is born. Authentic and original, it conveys the concept of change towards conscious habits.

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Durable fabric

Sustainable clothing and durability. Two advantages of working with the quality of recycled polyester. Fabric that comes from plastic bottles, raw material of the shirts and with the objective of giving them a second use.


Unique design and creativity

Sustainable and personalized prints. The story of sharks, whales, dolphins, beluga whales… Chilis mark the evolution and revolution (in fiction mode) of the animals living on the ocean.


Sustainable communication

Our message and positioning. Yes, we love Hawaiian shirts, but we love the story behind them. Critical, fun and aware of planetary issues, together towards sustainable habits!

Chilis Collection🌶🌶

Anti-Take Away Band!

Chili 2 starts the action. Reusing waste, giving it a second life, living with less and making the most of resources. There is no excess. There is progress and sustainable balance. We present the octopus with the most musical rhythm and his group “Anti-Take Away Band”.

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Chilis Collection 🌶🌶

Welcome to Can Paradise!

Chili 2. Have you ever given a product a second chance? The Ritmo Mornings turtle yes. Building a hammock made of plastic bottles between two palm trees. The name of the island: Can Paradise.

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Chilis Collection 🌶🌶🌶

The Rock & Roll of the Chilis!

Chili 3 is impact. We do not stand idly by. We take action in the face of the lack of awareness on the part of society.

It is the revolution of the animal habitat because of the dirt in the sea. In this print we can see how the shark uses a plastic straw to shoot bottles and return them to the beach!

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Chilis Collection🌶🌶🌶

The Turtle with more Rhythm (ritmo)

The turtle takes action and grabs the plastic used to hold the cans. He reuses the plastic to warn the swimmer that it costs more to practice swimming in the sea.

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Toda nuestra colección de camisas hawaianas sostenibles

Chilis Collection 🌶🌶🌶

Paul the Octopus is back

Octopuses are great swimmers and very intelligent due to their large brain size. They also know how to camouflage themselves well to catch the person responsible for throwing garbage in your house.

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Sustainable Packaging

Biodegradable Cassava Bags

The perfect complement to Ritmo Mornings values.

Sustainable design

Coconut Buttons

Details that make a difference. Natural materials from the earth.

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